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Creative Ponds was originally founded in 1998 in London, England. After many years serving the ever growing and hugely popular demand for water gardens and fish ponds in the UK, Creative Ponds relocated to Canada and is now based in Toronto, Ontario.


Transforming that back yard to a stunning oasis that you can truly escape to and unwind. Imagine relaxing to the soothing sounds of running water whilst watching the graceful movement of your fish. We have personally enjoyed the immense pleasures of having a water feature in our back yard as we are not only pond builders but proud and dedicated pond owners which are home to a variety of beautiful koi carp.



Creative Ponds specializes in the design, construction and maintenance of water features, including Koi Ponds, Waterfalls, Fountains and even natural ponds in the GTA area. Ponds are a beautiful addition to any garden. From custom design and pond installation to regular pond cleaning and maintenance, we are your premium choice. From small fish ponds to the larger ponds with waterfalls, we can design and create a water feature to enhance the natural beauty of your property. We will make your dreams a reality, and can ensure that your pond is a beautiful and healthy addition to your residential or commercial property.



A small portfolio of our designs and creations.



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