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Pond Cleaning

In addition to spring opening cleanouts we are called out throughout the season to clean and rejuvenate ponds that have sometimes been neglected for a while. Sometimes people have inherited ponds along with a property they have bought that need some TLC. Whatever the cause Creative Ponds will have your pond looking great and ready to enjoy. “We clean em up like new!!”


Leaking pond? Most leaks can be easily found and repaired. Give us a call and we will take the diagnostic steps to try and isolate the problem. 

Pump & Filtration Installation

Filtration Installation

We can install a filtration system to meet your pond requirements so that you can enjoy crystal clear waters throughout the year. 


Pump Replacements

These days pumps will run for many years without any problems. However they do break down after enough time. We can replace these pumps with the newer pumps on the market that are very reasonably priced and consume less energy than the older pumps.

Natural Ponds

Shoreline Cleanup / Weed Removal

We maintain a number of natural ponds in the GTA and services include removal of excessive bulrushes, excess weed clearing, and control of algae using bacterial treatments.  We also install aeration systems and water fountains both beneficial to good water quality in natural ponds.


For Natural ponds that are over excessively bogged up with bulrushes and muck, we can dredge the shoreline recovering depth and also removing unwanted sediments from your pond.  Pond Dredging can improve water quality by reducing the  amount of nutrients available from the sediments, thereby reducing nuisance algae blooms. Certain locations will require a permit before any dredging can be performed.

Shoreline Renovation

After clearing your shoreline of excess bullrush & brush we can rock the shoreline to prevent regrowth of the bullrush and also add beauty to your pond edge. We can also include plant gardens to the shoreline to further enhance your feature.  

Fountain Installation

Fountains add both beauty and important aeration to ponds. The constant water movement from a fountain eliminates stangant water and many of the problems associated with it.

Aeration Systems

Aeration systems are a huge benefit to all ponds by preventing stagnant water and adding oxygen to the water hence improving water quality year round. 

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