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Maintenance done right.

Professional pond maintenance services done right!  Creative Ponds offer a range of maintenance services for your pond or water feature.  It is important to have your pond properly maintained to ensure it lasts for generations.  We even offer a range of customized maintenance packages to suit all our customers' needs and busy schedules.  


Spring - Pond Opening / Clean

Having your pond professionally cleaned and opened in the spring is important for setting your pond up for a great season.


  • Drain Pond

  • Remove and keep any fish in holding tanks

  • Inspect fish for injury or illness

  • Salt Bath for fish

  • Remove sludge from pond

  • Cut back dead plant material and remove debris

  • Pressure wash pond

  • Replace and moved rocks

  • Replace any bulbs for underwater lighting as needed

  • Fertilize water lilies and plants as needed

  • Install pumps & filtration systems

  • Refill water feature

  • Treat water as needed

  • Replace fish

Fall - Pond Closing/Winterizing

Before the ice sets in it is important to properly close your pond for the winter.  A professional fall closing will help to keep your fish alive during the winter months and also keep you equipment in good order until the next season.


  • Shutdown pumps and filter systems

  • Clean pump, filter and wash all filter media such as sponges/filter pads and store away until next spring

  • Cut back and remove any dying aquatic plants

  • Perform small water change

  • Install aerator and de-icer

  • Install net to prevent autumn leaves falling into pond 


Monthly Maintenance Packages

In addition to opening and closing your pond we can come out monthly or bi-weekly and service your pond.


This is especially good for those too busy to find the time to do all the necessary tasks to keep your pond in prime condition.


Your maintenance package can be built to suit your needs and budget.

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